There's a saying in pagan circles I'm very fond of.  Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again.

That was exactly my yesterday.  After a quick half-day of remote work from Michael & Maya's, Maya and I went out on Very Important Errands™ that included eating copious amounts of sushi together.   

We also got to go visit with, and really shanghai our friend Amelia, who I love dearly.  And, I texted my sister Pene, who also lives in the area, and let her know I was down here.  Here's how that went: 

Me: Guess who's in North Carolina? I'll give you a hint.  His name rhymes with Nako. 

Sister: Where are you in NC?????

Me: Maya's car. 

Once we worked out the directions and arrangements, all of us, Michael, Maya, Amelia, Pene, and Uncle J, and me, the rhymes-with-nako previously mentioned, all met up for dinner.  I loved being surrounded by people I love.  We had a great dinner, laughed, talked, and when it was time to go our seperate ways, did so merrilly.  So nice. 


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