So on Thursday, I had the really smart idea to leave work, and take the train not home, but all the way down to Fredericksburg, where I would meet Missy, and my sister-in-law, and Richard for dinner, with his family and friends, for Christmas.

It worked out great.  I rode the train, and felt like I was coming home for the holidays.  I beat the traffic, and when Missy and Richard picked me up, it felt like I was traveling into an alternate universe, a bit.

We had a lovely dinner.  I ate way too much food, including baked ham.  That's not something I've had a lot.  I grew up in a jewish family, and while we did do the turkey at Thanksgiving thing, having a special Christmas dinner wasn't something we did a lot.  The ham was really, really good.

There's no deep message to this gratitude, it was just a particularly lovely day.

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