So as I've said before, Christmas can be an odd time of year for me.  I have found some ways over the years to make it my own, though.  One of these is a tradition my friend Scott and I have had for many, many years now.

We do a sort of planned, random act of kindness.  Here's how it always goes down.  We find a restaurant that's moderately priced.  We go out for a nice lunch or dinner, exchange gifts, don't act out of the ordinary in any way.  Then, when the check comes we pay in cash, and we leave a 100% (or more) tip.  We always leave a nice note too, on the check.

As soon as the cash hits the table, we get the heck out of there, so the server doesn't have to be embarrassed. or turn it down, or make a fuss about us, because it's not about us, it's about them.

I love doing this.  It always makes me feel good.  Merry Christmas!

AuthorMako Allen
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