I bet you know the moment I'm talking about.  You're at a performance, and the magician/ hypnotist/ aardvark/ whatever calls someone up out of the audience.  Hands go up, people want to help.

Except for our once in a while live shows at events, the Big Little Podcast's "audience" is a little different.  We have a live IRC chatroom, where people listen to the stream as we record.  People interact with us through the chatroom, or call in.  They also participate in show related discussions through our fetlife group

We lovingly refer to these folks as the Streamies.  I'm grateful for them, because they are, in a word, kickass.   

Just this morning I posted about an upcoming recording we're doing this coming Friday.  The holidays have tossed a really big monkey wrench in our usual recording schedule.  So, I knew I was taking a shot, asking for folks to join us on the panel with such short notice.  My inbox, Twitter DM's, and fetlife email account have been pinging all morning with people wanting to contribute.  We've got a great panel of smart, insightful guests picked out now.  People are already posting smart comments in our group, and I wouldn't be surprised if we get some voicemails, and see lots of folks Friday night. 

So the answer to the question, "Can I get a volunteer?" is no - we can't.  We can get many.  We love you, Streamies.



AuthorMako Allen
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