Yesterday on my way home from work, I got an emergency text message from my cousin, S., who lives in California. 

Her sister, my cousin A., was flying from Vermont, through DC, on her way to California for the holidays. 

But as S. told me, the weather outside was frightful, and if I could go get her, it would be delightful.  There was a chance that on that connecting flight she might not show, so off to the airport I did go, I did go. 

I was doing a late night workout, so after I finished at the gym, I hopped in the car, and away I went. 

It was a good 40 minutes to the airport, and I spent the whole thing on the phone with my mom. 


She, in turn, was in a text group chat with my two cousins.  Fortunately, my cousin DID make her flight. Unfortunately for me, I only found out AFTER I got on the Dulles Toll Road, and was obligated to go to the airport anyhow.  After stopping to fill the car with gas and myself with hot chocolate I drove home, again on the phone the whole time with my mom.  She was super complimentary about the nice thing I did, and how awful it was that I had to drive home alone.

I didn't care though. I was grateful for even the chance to see her, and not getting to have it, so her trip worked out.

I had been meaning to find the time for a long conversation with my mom anyhow, so that worked out really nicely. 


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