Yesterday Richard, Missy, Kate, Ollie, and I went to Gettysburg to go play Ingress. It's amazing up there. The historic battlefields, the monuments, and all that walking around are hella fun. 


There was also something really gratifying about being there to play the game. 

We weren't the only ingress agents there. We actually ran into a very nice couple who played for the opposite faction. Against their better judgement they even shared gameplay tips with us.  

But there was something cool and fun about doing this covert, oddball thing that the vast majority of the world was unaware of.  

At one point Ollie and I went out of our way to snag a hard to reach portal.  I was able to stretch my long arm far enough inside to get it. Ollie wasn't and actually climbed a fence to creep close enough to tag the portal.  

It's a funny, not exactly grown up sort of hobby. I'm grateful I get to share it with likeminded friends.  

AuthorMako Allen
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