So, like you do, my wife Missy and I were laying together in bed  this morning, drowsily cuddling. 

Let me add, at this point, that cuddling is one of my wife's superpowers. If cuddling were an Olympic event, she'd have taken the gold at both the Winter & Summer Games. (In Winter Cuddling you leave the window open and use a heavy blanket.) 

Anyhow, so we're laying there and I'm being all bed octopus all over her, which she never minds, and we hold hands, and she grabs my thumb. 

I laugh a bit, and remark how I love her tiny hands, and how my thumb fits in her whole fist. So then of course, we had to compare them. 

Moments like this are precious to me. We'll have been together a decade this January and to me sometimes it feels like it's been ten minutes.  

I'm so grateful for Missy.  

AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude