I changed technical disciplines about 18 months ago. For years I had been a Lotus Notes developer, even though I had earned my Java certification around a decade ago. 

But Notes has "sunsetted", an industry term for "no one gives a #%@! about it any more."

So I lucked into some refresher training, and got back to working with Java. Since then, I've also begun learning Java frameworks like Spring, and now Grails, and working in agile development environments.

One of things about agile work is that tasks are divided up into tickets, sometimes called "stories", and given a point value based on how hard the group thinks they are to do. 

Yesterday, I got a 1 point ticket. I volunteered to do it. Even though it was in an area of the application I hadn't worked on yet, I had high confidence that it was a simple thing to do, and I would fix it quickly.


Turned out I was right. I knocked it right out. It was simple.

I love when stuff like this happens. 18 months ago I was super rusty, and didn't have a clue how Grails worked.  Now, slowly snd steadily I can see my skills growing. It feels good.  

AuthorMako Allen
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