I haven't quite managed to get my brain rebooted properly since being away.  Yesterday I spent the better part of my workday listening to my at-work-brain chuff, wobble, and sputter most of the day.


It was frustrating and I told Missy so.  Then I asked her for a spanking at bedtime. 

She said, "we'll talk about it." 

Later that night, as she was diapering me for bed, her hand did indeed talk to my backside about it.  It, and several other things I couldn't identify, also talked to the backs and insides of my thighs, my scrotum, and my penis a little bit, too.

After she took care of that, she made sure the whole thing had a very happy ending.  (You do the math.)  A while after I thanked her, and she put me to bed, I told her how sore I was, and she said, "I bet it's a really nice kind of sore."

She was of course, absolutely right. 

Today I am clear headed and peaceful.   I feel centered, calm, and good.

I'm so gratefu for Missy, who understands me and takes amazingly great care of me.  She's magnificent. 


AuthorMako Allen
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