So I wrote recently about how when I was down in Florida, I shared a sundae with my grieving wife, sister-in-law, and friends, and it made the good things better, and the worse things less worse for a time, Spider Robinson style.

A good friend of mine, Enfant, who we've had the very great pleasure to interview on the Big Little Podcast, also happens to be a Spider Robinson fan.  We got into a nice little discussion about two of Robinson's books I have yet to read, Mindkiller and Time Pressure.

Well, look what I got in the mail from him, yesterday.

I'm grateful I have such thoughtful, generous friends.  I'm looking forward to reading this.  I'm going to make it my read-before-bed-for-a-half-hour treat nightly, for a long while.

Thanks Enfant!

AuthorMako Allen