Being sex-positive is super important to me.  It's a personal mission of mine to help others see that sexuality, theirs, and others', is vital, valid and varied.

We live in a society that often vilifies sexuality, reducing it to something shameful or impure.

That's sad.   

Every so often I stumble across someone or something that really has something insightful, helpful, and just downright awesome to say about this.  

The particular person or thing illuminates the troublesome nature of sex negativity, shows its helpful opposite, and does so in a way which holds the negative folks responsible, without angrily shouting them down.  It or they compassionately show a better way.

 Today I found just such a thing, a web comic about strippers, what they think about their work, and the sometimes super negative way men talk about them.  


It's an amazing comic.  

See for yourself.

AuthorMako Allen
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