So, if I haven't mentioned it before (I have), I'm not just a teensy bit polyamorous, I'm a whole lot poly. 

What I mean by that is that I have a bunch of relationships in my life, of varying ages. I've been part of the Ghidrah for more than a decade, been married for almost that long, and have relationships that are deeply meaningful to me besides those, many of which go back for years.

Along the way I've learned some special guidelines and even new words that are useful in navigating the fulfilling but often complex life of being a polyamorist.

One of those is FRUBBLE, a silly informal variant of COMPERSION.  That's the pleasure you get from when your partner is happy doing something that doesn't directly involve you. 

Another thing you learn when you are poly is to use tools, to help manage the finite resource of time, and facilitate communication, which are problems for everybody but most especially us non-monogamous folks.

Shared calendars are your friend.


I had this awesome frubble moment this morning because of another piece of tech, GeoZilla.

It's kind of like the Weasley Family Clock from Harry Potter, as a mobile app.

My girlfriend Squee, my wife Missy, and Squee's other partner Moliére (who is also one of my closest friends on earth, and whom I consider to be family), all use this thing.

Moliére is out in Chicago visiting Squee.  They're going kinky camping. This is a big deal, because their relationship is in this new hot phase, and there's a whole bunch of really great things going on that are good for them, and which in turn make me ecstatically happy.

Frubble.  It's awesome.

Anyhow, I wasn't completely up on the details of when he was flying out. I didn't need to be, so no big deal. But when he landed this morning and checked in, I opened up GeoZilla, saw they were together, and instantly got this warm, schmoopy feeling of joy. 

Then I called them, and we talked all the way through my commute in this morning.  And that might not have happened without us being bionically frubble assisted. 

Totally cool.

AuthorMako Allen