So Missy is still sore, still in pain.

But she's become a getting-around-on-crutches ninja.  She's really damn good at it.  She goes up and down the stairs, gets all over the house, no problem.

And her knee's become bendy enough that she even feels safe enough to go out, and drive herself.

Now before you get all up in our grill about it:

  • The knee she had surgery on was her left knee, not the right.  So she doesn't need it for driving, except the part where she has to bring both knees with her, because, attached.
  • Missy, in case you hadn't noticed, is a tough customer.  She doesn't do languishing.  She tends to attack life with vigor.
  • Her getting out-and-about is really an essential part of her recovery.

We shared a lovely slow morning, I made us both breakfast (my custom made egg sandwiches for the win!), and I helped her get some stuff she needed out to the car.

She assured me she was gonna be just fine, and got on her way.

And then I got a lovely little check-in from her:

I told her how her being able to do this would be my gratitude today.  And look, it is!

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