Even though my girlfriend Alissa lives hundreds of miles away from us, in Chicago, she's really right nearby all the time.  We are more or less constantly connected.  Right after I wake up and say "oh good another one", it's my habit to ping her, via a text, or on our slack, or a phone call, or something.

She and I spend just about every morning talking on our ways to work, school, and various errands.  

We regularly play games together via a video conference, Missy, me, Alissa, and her children.  We're deeply entangled, in the nicest way.

It's hard being long distance, but we do the best to minimize the negatives, and create rituals, space, time, and connection.

And it works remarkably well.

Sure, sometimes the Skype call gets fuzzy, or the video conferencing sound gets weird.  And every once in a while, Alissa's cat, Nyla, has to insinuate herself in between us.

When stuff like that happens, we just laugh.

And we keep going the distance.

I love her.

AuthorMako Allen
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