What an amazing workday.

I worked from home today, and had this laundry list of things to do.  I sat down, got coding, and just didn't stop until maybe 10 minutes ago.

I'm involved in this big CSS refactor for a project at work, moving the software I work with from the busted, jank-ass old CSS we were using to this super-slick framework based thing.  It's beautiful.  Along the way, I'm learning all sorts of things.

Like what?  Well, for example, how to use DataTables columnDefs functionality to stop a column from being sortable.  Or how to mitigate loading-order issues with CSS and JS files.

Anyhow, technobabble aside, the best part of the whole day was just feeling so on.  It made the day fly by.  I had to remind myself to eat.  I flew through coding.  It felt like playing.

I feel blessed to do the work I do.  That's a pretty awesome thing to be grateful for.


AuthorMako Allen
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