Sometimes gratitude entries are these big, deep, philosophical, meaningful things.

And sometimes, they're not.

This is my boycat Yang.  He and his sister have been my cats since they were 10 weeks old.  They will be 12 years old in February.  I was saying to Spacey and our friend Fee this morning how much I love them, and how they show me they love me too, in little ways, all the time.  

One such way is that they love being in the bathroom with me.  This morning Yang did as he always does.  He comes into the bathroom, and watches me, fascinated.  If I sit down near him, he cuddles up on me, giving me super warm fuzzy hugs.

This never gets old for him.  He's never not interested in doing it.

I love that.

My cat babies are a daily source of my gratitude.  They constantly make me smile, laugh, and feel loved.

AuthorMako Allen
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