Tuesday night Missy and I spent a really big chunk of time just sitting and talking to each other.  The details of the what that we talked about don't matter here (and are private anyhow).

What's big is the talking itself.  We talked about things we think, hope, feel, and struggle with.  And when I say we talked, I mean it.  Missy shared deep thinky things.  I listened.  Then I shared some deep talky things.  She listened.

It was magical.  We felt supertotal connected.  We went to bed even more cuddly than we normally are.  (And let me tell you people, we are some damn cuddly folks to begin with.)

We woke up still feeling that sense of more-powerful-connection.

Missy and I have been together more than a decade.  We've been married nine years.  It's easy to grow complacent, make assumptions, rely on the connection you already have.  But when you talk and actively reach for one another, it's like everything's shiny, new, and possible all over again.

I'm so grateful for my amazing wife.

AuthorMako Allen
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