Mr. Wood isn't a person.  It's a paddle, this one:

Squee had me name him for her after she used him to give me a spanking for some things I did while I was visiting, as well as one she gave me just because we were playing.

Mr. Wood is stingy, with a bit of thud.  In Squee's capable hand he's a very good teacher.

Why he's my gratitude for that day is because of this thing he represents about Squee, and about our relationship.  So much of what we do is sexually stimulating, exciting, arousing.  But that's only one part of it.  It's also incredibly nurturing and emotionally validating.  Our relationship involves us mutually helping one another to learn about one another, and to grow, both individually and together.  

It's very real, and very good.

I love her so.


AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude