So this morning I'm on my way to work. Missy and I get out the door at the same time, and plan to kind of chase each other up the highway.  She's got this errand to run that's not too far from my work. 

After a little bit I do catch up with her. We smile, we wave, and then I get ahead of her.

It's raining today, pretty hard.

We get to the place where 95 meets the beltway.  Missy is right behind me.  I go to merge onto the onramp, only to find that traffic is at a stand still. I slam on my brakes and jerk my wheel to the left, slipping back onto 95. 

Thankfully Missy does the same. Otherwise we would've hit each other.  She manages to merge in, getting back on the onramp a bit further up. 


I decided to go a different way altogether, and follow my mapping app down side and back roads. 

I called Missy to make sure she was OK, and had made it onto the highway without further incident. She did. 

I'm sitting here in my car in the parking lot of my office, glad that worked out so well. It could've been very very bad.

AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude