So my girl Katie and I made a plan to get out of town for a getaway weekend.  We were going to go to a cabin in the middle-of-nowhere (which as it happens, is only about 90 minutes outside of Washington DC, who knew?), and she was going to get to be little, and I would be big.

I decided to read her a story.  I went looking for an old familiar favorite book I loved as a kid, that I could read her at bedtime.  It's called The Girl with The Silver Eyes.  It's about a girl (who is also named Kate) who has silver eyes and is telekinetic.

It's kind of a grammar-school x-men pre-story.  The book came out in the 1980's, and isn't available as an e-book.

I ordered it right away, and it came a few days before our trip.

I loved reading it to Katie as she drifted off to sleep in bed next to me.  It was a sweet, tender experience.  I actually ended up staying up way later than Katie, because I got wrapped up in the book.

Reading it as an adult, and as an author, was so different from when I first read it as a kid.  All the stuff I loved was still there.  But I could see "how the sausage was made", and did find the book lacking in many places.  There was some really ham-fisted foreshadowing, and some plot elements which didn't quite click.  It's funny too - the book very much shows its age.  There's no Internet, no cell phones, and a certain sort of social naivety to the book which make it very, very dated. But I could still see the essential magic that made me like the book in the first place.  It makes me want to go back and read lots of stuff from when I was a kid.  

I especially want to do this with Katie.  I like reading to her.


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