Sunday morning I got out of North Carolina early, intending to get home to northern Virginia without incident.  It was a dicey thing, because even though North Carolina didn't have the INSANE amount of snow DC did, there was still plenty.

Enough that driving out the side neighborhoods by Michael & Maya's was... adventuresome.

I found my way to a gas station, and proceeded to hang onto my car while I filled it, so as to not fall on the ice and bust my keister.

Once I hit the main roads, they were remarkably clear.  I was great until I got about 15 miles away from my house, and hit a traffic snarl caused by an accident.

A truck swerved on the icy road and jumped up on the shoulder, stranding itself.  

So we sat.  And sat.  And sat.

Eventually I got past it, and made my way home, reasonably none the worse for wear.


AuthorMako Allen
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