Saturday I went to a BlackViolin concert with my friends Maya and Michael.

These guys are amazing.  They're a "Violin Fusion" band.  Their music is intense, energetic, beautiful.  They're all about breaking stereotypes.  It was funny, the venue was at this sort of redneck'ish school, deep in North Carolina.  When we got there, the announcements made sure to tell us, "Sit down, and stay seated.  Don't use your phone during the performance.  DO WHAT WE SAY CITIZENS.  (okay that last part I made up.)"

As soon as the guys took the stage, Kev Marcus said, "Hey all, please get up when you want, dance if you feel like it, take pics and videos of us and post them all over the place!  WHO'S GOING TO STOP YOU?"


They particularly wanted us to record them "going freestyle" - just improvising. So I did.

See for yourself.

AuthorMako Allen
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