A lot of times when I get a new technical challenge at work, I go through this multi-step process:

  1. "Wow, I have no #$(*^&@# idea how to do that."
  2. "Wait, I might have an idea for how to do that."
  3. "No, what was I thinking, that was total crap."
  4. "I should probably quit and get a job milking Yaks in Croatia."
  5. "Wait a sec, what if I try...?"
  6. "This looks like it might work!"
  7. "Got it.  Next?!"

This time's been no exception.  I've been working out how to use a java library called DynamicReports to generate comma delimited files (CSV's) based on Grails services I had written previously.  I went from no idea whatsoever how to use it, to building a nice little prototype that works just perfectly.  Now to actually get the prototype code working in my actual production application.

I wonder how the weather is on Croatian dairy farms this time of year.  

Kidding, I'm kidding.  Mostly.

AuthorMako Allen
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