So not too long ago, Spacey and I started, The Big Little Podcast Slack.  It's a sort of private messaging community for listeners to the Big Little Podcast, to hang out with us, and one another.

We've got around 40 members now, and more all the time.  I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but part of our little intentional community culture is a natural sort of inclusion-based behavior.

My little girl Valentalae is one of a few folks on the slack who are VI, visually impaired.  ("Fancy for 'blind', she would tell you.)  The slack allows folks to post silly pictures and animations, which folks do, fairly often.

Without fail, whenever someone posts a pic, one or more someone elses then come along after and in parentheses, post a caption describing the pic.  What's really neat is when a few different people do it, because as Vee puts it, she gets to see the different ways people see the same thing.

It's awesome.  It's kind.  It's naturally inclusive.  It's also sort of game even now.  People will rush to do the captioning, and when they're done, other folks will add slack "reactions" to the caption, showing their love and approval.

It's awesome.

It so knocked out Valentalae that she blogged about it, too.  Man, sometimes people are just so damn great.

AuthorMako Allen
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