I share my birthday with our girl Katie.  I took the day off, and we drove up to northern Maryland to visit with her, her partner Leah, and their lovely son, C. (who adores me) and spend the day.  It was such a good day, from start to finish.  We exchanged cards and presents and such, went for kickass indian food, too.  (Did you know that there's such a thing as seafood masala?  I didn't!  Now I do!  SO GOOD.)  Then we went to a pottery place, where I worked on a Gratitude Jar.

The idea behind this little beauty is that I'm going to keep it in the kitchen, with a pad of nice paper and a good pen.  Anytime something good happens that someone in the house wants to remember, they can write it down, and toss the paper in the jar.  Then at New Year's next year, we can open the jar, and read about all the good things that happened that year.  

After we made pottery and visited a while, we drove back down to Virginia, and went out for yet more kickass food (grilled salmon for me, with birthday Key Lime Pie for dessert), courtesy of my sister-in-law.

I went to bed stuffed to the gills with both good food and great love.


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