Yesterday I reconnected with two old friends.

First, my friend Jaden.  I haven't seen her in 12 years!  She's a lovely submissive girl who enjoys being humiliated and beaten.  She's sweet, kind, funny, gentle, and nice, and really loves it when you call her a worthless cunt.  

Well, if you mean it.  Years ago, I once tried to call her that, and she sort of patted me on the head and said it was a nice try, A for effort, and all that, but that I was too sweet to actually mean it.

She found my profile on Fetlife, through a mutual friend, and sent me a mail, and we have been texting since.

So nice.

Then there's my colleague and friend, C.  We met for sushi last night.  I've worked with C. for ages, on and off, across multiple different jobs.  He's smart, and funny, and we help each other out.  Months will go by when we don't talk, and we've each got lives of our own, but we're excellent work-and-post-work friends.  I got in touch with him because of something I'm working on (using X.509 information in certificate authentication schemes, aren't you glad you asked?), and he actually will be working on it soon, too, so we got together to talk it out.  He knows all about my kink side, too.  I forget how that even came about, but it's like no big deal whatsoever.  I really appreciate my friendship with him.

It's good to reconnect with friends.

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