So Missy's been out of town since Sunday.  I was prepared for being alone to suck somewhat.

Yesterday I went to work, and had a frustrating morning, of making little headway on a project.  I decided to stay a little later, because I was coming home to just the cats anyhow, and they don't seem to clock watch me much.

The office was much quieter, and I was able to find the concentration I needed.  Suddenly, I got something to work that I hadn't been able to all day amidst the chatter and buzz of my other coworkers.

Then on my way home, I decided to stop for dinner.  I tried a Korean chicken place I've been meaning to forever.  

It was fantastic!  While I ate dinner, I got some text messages from Missy, and we talked back and forth about our days.

I came home, fiddled on the computer for a bit, and soon after got the "it's time for bed" text messages from Missy, who sent me to diaper myself and hit the sack.  (Poor sack!) 

As I drifted off to sleep, it struck me how my day really turned around when my expectations for it changed.  I turned a lonely day into an alone day.  They're very different things.

It felt good.


AuthorMako Allen
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