So I work in technology, which often means I get to dress down for work.  I wear jeans most days, with a button down shirt, and loafers.  It's a sort of business-dressy-casual-techno-hippie-look.  

But Friday night I had a corporate event to go, our yearly party and Casino Night.  It's my first of these, I only joined the company a few months ago.

It was nice.  Dinner was really good, and I got to hang with my boss, and his boss, and HIS boss, the owner of the company.  We passed pleasant conversation.  I had a nice glass of merlot, too. 

Then after dinner, I got to play blackjack.  Now I'm not a very good player, but I know more or less what I'm doing.  My friend Little Kevin has taught me a lot about the game.  That, combined with the fact that I was playing with fake money, made the whole experience very pleasurable.  About halfway through my playing, I realized I didn't care whatsoever if I won or lost, so I adopted a playing style that was aggressive, but not careless.  Every time I won, I would increase my bet by just a little more.


It paid off.  In short order I won over $12,000 fake dollars.  People were blown away.  The owner of the company had announced that the top three winners would get actual cash prizes.  (No, not dollar for dollar.)  I was pretty excited about this.

So I did what any well dressed, sophisticated gambling business-type guy would do - I went home and cuddled my wife, who diapered me and put me to bed.

Okay, so maybe that's just what I would do.  It was still pretty great.

AuthorMako Allen
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