Thursday I came home wiped out.

Work has been hard lately.  Truthfully, life's been kind of hard, lately.  I've been the sort of person who is high-functioning, and always has a lot going on.  At one point I was:

  • Actively podcasting on a two week schedule
  • Training daily for running
  • Working on a new novel
  • Holding down a complicated day job
  • Learning all sorts of new technologies for work
  • Coaching somewhere between 1-3 clients at the same time at night.

But I have had a lot of stuff going on.  Life changes, a death in the family, job changes, too.  And it all sort of dumped on me at once, cumulatively, and I wound up sort of stopped. 

Family and friends have noticed I haven't been myself lately, too.  After talking to Missy about it, and brother, and other people very important to me, I decided to do something about it.  

Thursday I think it was, as I was driving up to my very messy garage, I decided to change gears.  I called up my old therapist and made an appointment to see him.  I called my sleep lab to look into a new sleep study.

But most importantly, I decided to be okay with being a mess for a bit, and to stop being so damn hard on myself about things.

It started making me feel better the minute I chose to do so.

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