OK, so that's a really good song by the Queens of the Stone Age (with a crazy sexy video), but that's not what I'm talking about.

Still, here's the video:

What I am talking about is that I'm horribly bad at keeping nice secrets from Missy.  

Case in point - an extra gift for her birthday.  I found a jewelry store not too far from my office on Wednesday.  I popped on over there at lunch, and bought her a nice charm for her Pandora bracelet.

I felt like such a good, lovingly (and successfully sneaky) husband.

Later that day, I'm texting with my friend Marie Furie about my awesome stealth----missy-birthday-ninja skills and my plans for the big surprise reveal.  I tell her all about how I'm going to sneak it into the fridge Saturday morning, so Missy will just stumble across it.  Perfect.  Bulletproof.  Rock solid.

Except I accidentally texted that part right to Missy.

She didn't seem to mind my ruining the surprise though.

I'm pretty grateful for that, and for her, each and every single day.



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