Tuesday, I had a meeting downtown, first thing.  During the whole long holiday weekend, I had this little tickle in the back of my mind about it.  Monday evening I got to bed nice and early, and then I did my best to get out of the house, and on the road.

I was going someplace that I've never been before, and traveling by metro, which I haven't done in a few months.  I was pretty nervous about the whole deal.

When I got to the metro, I was halfway down to the tracks when I realized I couldn't remember whether I had locked my car (which had my company laptop in it) or not.  Damnit.

I wound up having to take a later train.  My meeting was at 8:30am on the dot, and was a sort of briefing.  If I was late, there was a good chance I would not be let in, and it would cause me a heap of trouble.  The train I caught let me out at my stop with maybe eight minutes to spare.  As soon as I hit the platform, I pulled out my phone, and checked the address in my map application.    

According to the app, I was a 13 minute walk away from the building.  DAMNIT AGAIN.

But then when I got off the escalator to street level, the app readjusted to having real GPS and cell signal, and it turned out I was just maybe two blocks away from my destination.  Now I was actually early!

After all this agitation, I laughed at myself, aware of how much I make my own needless suffering.

And, I made it to my meeting in plenty of time, too.

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