I love comic books, and have ever since I was a kid.  My wife Missy, as I've written before, often will get hooked on things I like, and make them her own.  This is true with a tv show I love, The Flash on CW.  

The acting on the show is great, the special effects fantastic, and the plot has been slowly building to a reveal of a particular something all season.  

Missy doesn't know what the something is.  With my previous knowledge from the comics, I'm pretty sure I do.  Each week we watch it together, and I love the show for itself, but also because I love watching Missy get into it.  Last week she had us watch the ending of the episode about a dozen times in a row, trying to see if the hint it was dropping for this week was what she thought it was.  

I love that.  And I love her.


AuthorMako Allen
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