I'm a fan of niceness.  

I like being kind to others, and love it even more when others are kind. It doesn't have to be to me, either. In fact, I get a sort of secondhand buzz from the way people are kind to one another.  

Case in point: we just released a new episode of the Big Little Podcast, an interview with Sarah Plain & Small.  

It's really good. He's an exceptional guy, married to a wonderful woman who is exceptionally kind and open hearted. 

When we recorded the interview he had a terrible cold, which he was rather self-conscious about. In the posting on our Fetlife group he said as much. 

The listeners, many of whom are friends of his, very kindly assured him that it was no big deal, and that the interview was amazing. 


They are right too. He's a wonderful person.  My heart is full from all the kindness of this. 

AuthorMako Allen
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