I've had Yin and Yang since they were 10 weeks old.  They turned 10 years old in February.  They've been a source of constancy and joy in my life.  They were just little babies when Missy and I first met.  In fact, the way she loved them, and the way they instantly took to her was one of the ways I knew that I wanted to marry her.

Here's an old picture (from April 2006, of Missy playing with Yang, at my old apartment.)

It boggles my mind that my babies are 10 years old.  They've been around to share in the love Missy and I have for one another.  They're just as loving, adorable, and sweet today as they've ever been.  Over the years, they've fought to figure out who's the alpha cat in the house (clearly the answer is Missy.)  But they are good to each other, and good to us.  I'm grateful for them.

AuthorMako Allen
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