My new job is at a small company.  I regularly work with a very small team.  Wednesday two of them went with me to lunch.

This was the second week in a row we've done this.  Our first week I took us to a pho place near the office.

This time Coworker B picked a place, and it was damn good.  

The whole experience made me very happy.  I've worked at companies both big and small. I've had jobs where I had some degree of "work friendship", and others where I had none.

I am really liking my job, because I really like the people there.  This is sort of new territory for me.  When I interviewed for the job, part of why I wanted it was because I clicked so well with the interviewer, and then later on, with the higher-ups who called me for the gig.  

I feel like I can do well there, that these people are my people.  It's a good feeling.

AuthorMako Allen
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