Yesterday I got home from work with the intention of working on a techie side project of mine.  There are all sorts of good reasons to do that.

My side project is pretty cool. I won't describe it here because it's part of my vanilla life, which I try to keep separate. But once I get this thing working it could actually make me a little money on the side.

Plus, it's great practice, which in turn is good for my career. I get to work with technologies I want, and then show them off to potential employers.

But I wasn't feeling it.

I got on the phone with my brother, who is a tireless supporter for me. He's often the emotional kickstand for my brain bicycle, I lean on him when I need to pause and asses which direction I want to go next.


He asked me to spend just 10 minutes on the project. Just tinker a bit.  

I did. That 10 minutes turned into about three hours of fulfilling work.  

Thanks, brother. Love you. 

AuthorMako Allen
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