So I'm looking for a new day job. It can be stressful. On Monday, I got my interview clothes together the night before.  

I took a half day at the current job, and rushed home to put on my "monkey suit".   

Not an ACTUAL monkey suit

Not an ACTUAL monkey suit

But there was a problem. The white button down shirt I had ready was actually missing the collar button. 

Luckily I had a very nice blue shirt to wear.  I got it on, and got to my interview in plenty of time. I let go of my original plan and was able to come up with a successful alternative. 

Making the transition to something new is pretty stressful. I've honestly been kind of a mess lately.  I've been taking deep, deep draughts from the waters of samsara. 

But every once in a while I'll catch myself caught up in panic or self-recrimination, and blissfully, sweetly let it go. Instead of being blue, I'll go for the blue shirt. 

I'm grateful for that.  

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