So one of the more useful tools I have on my computer is a package manger called Homebrew.

I installed it a while back, and since have changed operating system versions and even computers. 

I went to use it today to install a piece of software called Maven, and it just didn't work.  

My sweet, clever brother took time out of his day to help me figure out what the heck was wrong with it, and fix it.  

You know, that's the thing about my brother.  He quietly, reliably, gets stuff done.  He's a rock in my life.  I have relied upon him for years in all sorts of ways.  There would be no Big Little Podcast without him.  He's more than just my fellow host - he's the technical wizard behind the entire thing.  He's a brilliant photographer, designer, coder, and simply one of the finest people I know.  In countless ways, he has been and continues to be there for me.

I love him very much, and I'm grateful for him.

AuthorMako Allen
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