Yesterday was a busy day for me.  

First, I went to a local tech-and-coffee get together, to get help with a side project I'm just starting.  I'd never been to this particular meeting before, but it was AWESOME.

Out of nowhere, this guy came and sat with me, and spent more than 2 hours with me, helping me sketch out the data model for my project. 

Totally amazing.

Then, after that, I met up with a new friend, J. and her husband, B.  They're age players around the area too, and we've been casually floating in each other's orbits for a while now.  We met for coffee, conversation, and so I could take a whole bunch of diapers they were trying to get rid of off their hands.

It was a LOT of diapers.

The best part about the whole thing was we sat there at the coffee shop talking for over 2 hours.  They're super nice people, who I think Missy and I are going to be very good friends with, indeed.

I love how life brings me new experiences, new friends, new opportunities.  

AuthorMako Allen
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