I love rediscovering how much I love something by sharing it with someone else. My friend Amelia (I've spoken about her here before. You may remember that she likes potatoes.) was talking about how she's started getting interested in old movies and tv shows, made before she was even born.  

That reminded me of one of my favorite movies ever, a 1937 Spencer Tracy film called Captains Courageous, based on a Rudyard Kipling book. It's about a spoiled young boy from a rich family, who falls overboard on a cruise, and winds up on a Gloucester fishing boat.

I love this movie. It's tear-bait in much the same way the Pixar movie Up is.  You fall in love with the characters, even the ones you dislike, and then cry your face off as life has its way with them. 

I'm grateful telling Amelia about it has got me thinking about it. I'm going to show it to Missy sometime soon.  

AuthorMako Allen
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