Last night Missy and I both had trouble getting to bed. We had something really good on our minds. Plus, there were all these green Ingress portals annoying Missy.  

So she went out portalling, and put me to bed. It was a recipe for very early wake ups for both of us. 

After she got home we cuddled up for a few hours and then I got up to write, or maybe surf Twitter in our special Twitter reading room (yeah that one).

When I got back to the bedroom she was already downstairs, making the family Surprise Breakfast™. Awesome! 


She made egg in a basket. It was GREAT. Because I love her, I in turn made us clementine grape Greek yogurt smoothies.  


She loved hers. We sat down to breakfast with my sister-in-law and all ate together, which is rare for a weekday morning. 

What a lovely love-filled morning! 

AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude