It's the rare, elusive, Gratitude Double-Shot today. 

This morning my friend Kinksville sends me a tweet.

@makoallen I ran across this and thought it might amuse you. [NSFW] 

Boy when he said NSFW, he was not kidding. Even though I'd already posted a gratitude today, this thing deserved one too.

The particular comic series he sent me a link to is hentai furry porn.  It's about a writer of erotica who happens to be a shark, who gets into a threesome with a bunny rabbit and a hyena boy.  

I tell people all the time that I really am NOT a shark.  I just really love them a lot.  I don't consider myself a "fin", the aquatic version of a furry.  But I will say that I'm quite open to those sensibilities.

Let me tell you - this thing is absolutely filthy in the very best way.  It's WONDERFUL.

Thanks, Kinksville!


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