This morning, I shared one of my most favorite things ever with Missy.  It's a TED talk by Brené Brown, called The Power of Vulnerability

A few minutes in, she had me stop it, so she could write down several of the things Brené said.  Then about halfway in she turned to me and said, "This is an a-ha moment."

I just beamed, and melted a bit inside.  She took my phone (where the video was playing) and put it on our bed, and lay down on her stomach to watch the rest of it.  I could see her face move with the emotions, thoughts, self-reflection, and epiphanies the talk was causing her to have and feel.

Afterwards, we hugged.  She kissed me, thanked me, and told me she appreciates what I give her, the philosophical way I approach life, and my drive to share it with her.

I'm still smiling.


AuthorMako Allen
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