On Saturday I decided to go for a longish walk.  I was feeling post-Thanksgiving sluggardly, and wanted some exercise.  I wasn't up to full out running though, so instead opted for a 5 mile walk-hike sort of thing.  I got my running gear on, headed out the door, with a plan to walk some VERY hilly roads not too far from the house.

Along the way I got the brilliant idea to do two Ingress missions.  A mission is a sort of pre-planned map of portals to hit, to hack in a certain order.  It's something the game has had for ages, but which I've just never bothered with before.

It was really, really fun.  One of my missions was at a nearby college campus.  I've been there before for the occasional drive-by portal, but not really walked the campus.  

These birds were on their own mission, apparently.

These birds were on their own mission, apparently.

I passed this beautiful fountain, that was absolutely surrounded by wild geese.  I actually stopped to watch them watching it, for a few minutes.  It was sublime.

After I finished my mission of invisibly tapping pretend interdimensional portals like the responsible grownup I am, I bopped off campus and walked to a nearby shopping center to do similarly there.  Then walked back home again, for a roundtrip total of just over 5 miles.

I burned a ton of calories, and felt great.

Sometimes this adulting thing isn't all that hard.

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