I spent my Friday after Thanksgiving hanging out with our girl Rachel.  We just hung around the house, not doing much anything in particular, except for one thing.

Rachel has a tradition of watching as many different versions of A Christmas Carol as she can find.  We watched...

  • A musical version starring Kelsey Grammar (very good)
  • A very, very old black and white version made back in 1938, starring Reginald Owen (amazing)
  • Ebbie, about Elizabeth Scrooge, as played by Susan Lucci. (cute)

We had plans to watch Scrooged with Bill Murray (a personal favorite of mine), but those got waylaid by bingeing a few episodes of a really cute show called The Librarians.

It was just nice.  I've written before that I struggle a bit with the holidays.  I have some very mixed-feelings about Christmas in particular because of my prior history with it.  But every holiday season I do my best to find the good in the season and enjoy it.  Sharing Rachel's tradition was a great new addition to that.

AuthorMako Allen
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