One thing I love about my little family is that we're all into doing these nice little gestures for each other.  It's just little stuff, like for example, Missy will put the space heater on in the bathroom if she goes in there before I get up, to warm up the floor.

 My sister-in-law Marybeth's been away for a month for work, and while she was away I lured Missy into one of my newer addictions, Bonchon chicken.  (It's this Korean fried chicken that's unlike anything else I've ever had.  It's crunchy yet sweet.  It's so damn good.)  We've been waiting for Marybeth to get back so we could have her try it.

Which we did, lat night.  She loved it.  Then she surprised me, with a six-pack of Asahi, a Japanese beer.

 I love Asahi!

Sadly, she gave me the beer after we had the chicken.  I told her that it would have been amazing together.

Looks like we may have to have a do-over.

Well, darn. 


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