Yesterday I did what I'm about to go do again.

I got in my car, fought traffic, and went to the gym to run around the indoor track before work.

I changed my running interval though.  I bumped up from the very-not-challenging 30 seconds run/4 minutes 30 seconds walk interval I had been doing last week to the slightly-more-challenging-but-not-by-very-much-more interval of 45 seconds running for every 4 minutes 15 seconds of walking.

I know, I know - it sounds like I'm sort of shaming myself.  Shush.  I'm actually thrilled to be making slow and steady progress towards more fitness.  During those newer, slightly longer run intervals I really booked it, and enjoyed doing it each time I did.

I'm actually really looking forward to getting to it again today.  I've been slowing coming back to a place of higher function in what I do.  

Yesterday I also spent a chunk of time re-reading the novel I'm working on, so I can continue my work on it.  I also spent some time discussing design of a side web-project of mine, and talking about blocking out weekly time  to workon both of these things.

15 seconds matter, when you use them mindfully!


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