Sometimes recording my daily gratitude means I write about really silly, trivial things, and sometimes it means I write about really heavy things.  This one's about both.

On my phone I have this dictionary app, I keep in a utilities folder.  I'm a word-obsessed person, so having a dictionary close to hand is a real world need of mine.  One thing my app does that I love is ping me with the Word of the Day.  You can even go back and see a little tiled display of other recent Words of the Day, like so:

My blog is often two of these words:

Mawkish: adjective, "Characterized by sickly sentimentality."

Dithyramb: noun, "any wildly enthusiastic speech or writing."

I own that.  This blog is filled with mawkish dithyrambs.  

So, the serious part.  There are several people in my life dealing with not-nice-things.  For privacy's sake, I won't say exactly who, and I won't say exactly what.  But they reach out to me, for solace, comfort, and connection.  

Just recently one of these very-close-to-me  people made sure to text me so that I could hear their bad news before anyone else did, through any other channels.  I told them how much it meant to me, and they said, "You're family. <3."

That means more than I can say to me.

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