So today didn't start out so good.  Actually, yesterday didn't end so great, either.  When I got home from work, our internet was out, as was our television service.  (They're the same provider.)  This wouldn't be an enormous issue, except for the fact that we're recording a podcast tonight.

I tried calling the company early this morning to get them to come out today to fix the darn thing, but no such luck. 

I was in a big jam.


I had lunch with my good friend Tasha today.  Aside from being perfectly lovely, very smart, and a prize-winning pony from Camp Crucible (multiple years), she's also an exceptionally generous person.  She invited me to come over to her house, hang out in her LEGO ROOM (yes, she has one.), have dinner, and record the podcast from her house, on HER broadband.

I'm grateful for my awesome friend.  Did I mention she's also cooking me dinner?

I'm going to go gratefully eat it now.

Thanks Tasha!

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