There's no denying it.  I have a fetish for punishment.  Ever since I was little I've been fascinated by spanking, and discipline, and punishment.  Is there a sexual component to that fascination?  Absolutely.

Yet, even when punishment is arousing, there's also this emotionally fulfilling aspect to it.  Getting and giving a punishment has great meaning to me.  It's a way of saying that my behavior, or the behavior of the person who I'm disciplining, really matters, because I, or that person, really matter.

Accountability is a powerful thing.  It's really a huge part of many of the loving relationships that I have.  

Being the sort of propellor-headed, tinkering, creative person that I am, it was only natural for me to want to build a better punishment mousetrap, or something like that.  I've been obsessed with creating a tool of my own for over a decade now.  

Last night on the Big Little Podcast, we interviewed ABJane, and she told me about another tool, a really good one, called*.  The site is used to create, and complete line-writing punishments.  


*Editor's note: Not anymore folks.  It seems to have gone out of business.  Sorry! -January, 8, 2017


I find this incredibly appealing.  It uses technology to give a very mature, adult spin (but not a lascivious one) to a familiar, effective, and tedious-in-a-good-way punishment from our childhoods.  There's something very legitimizing and real about it.

Want to try it?  Do you shame yourself for being kinky?  I've made a punishment you can take, if you feel you need it.  

Go to the site, and click RUN TASK, and then enter this code:


Feel free to give a name, or do it anonymously.  I'll check in later, and see how well you did with your punishment.

There, I bet you feel better already, don't you?

I know I do.

(If you don't feel like being punished, but want to look in on the people who were, you can use the same code and the VERIFY TASK button to see what good boys and girls we all have been.)

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